Father Chett

Father Chett

Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Services

I am a member of the Universal Life Church which is a non-denominational church that allows me to legally marry people all over the Philadelphia and New York regions.  I speak for a living.  I am a high school math teacher by trade, but I really enjoy bringing people together in marriage.  The hope that comes from seeing people in love make such an important promise is always inspirational.

What I can do to make your day special...
  - I can perform the ceremony in English or Spanish!
  -  I can collaborate with the bride and groom to put together the script for the ceremony from start to finish.
  -  I can help set up logistics of the ceremony from the procession of the bridesmaids and groomsmen to whether we are using microphones and everything in between.
  -  I can help find readings for the ceremony if you would like to have friends or family be involved in the ceremony.
  -  I can be an extra pair of hands the day of the ceremony so that your day-of-coordinator has extra help.
  -  I can travel, as long as it works with my schedule, if there are any doubts I will suggest you find someone else.  I want your day to go off with out a hitch.  If I might cause a problem, then I am not your officiant.

I would be happy to discuss your ceremony and what you are looking for anytime.  If it works out that I can help make your day special, I am all for it. Please email me at chettgarcia@gmail.com so we can meet, setup pricing and start working on an amazing ceremony!

Thank you from "FatherChett"